The Literacy Care Team works closely with you and your child to develop an intervention that will directly address your child’s literacy needs.

Accountable – We begin each program with a prediction of the expected outcome.  This means that you know what you are working towards, what you need to do, and whether you are on track along the way to achieve the target literacy goal.

Measured – We work on a ‘test, retest’ basis. The results are plotted on a graph so that strength the child’s ‘uptrend’ can be easily measured.

Individualized –Each child’s program is customized to the strengths and weaknesses of the individual child.  The process is dynamic so it’s continually personalised along the way depending on progress and according to the Response to Intervention Principle.

Multi-disciplinary – We work with the CDN clinicians, and other professionals involved, to make sure each child (and family) is ready to get the most benefit from the literacy intervention.

Effective – Our approach works. Every aspect of our work draws from professional research and evidence.

Efficient – Our professional services are delivered through a ‘train the trainer‘ model, where you learn how to help your child under our supervision.

Expert – The Literacy Care team members are the best in their field.  They are very experienced, well qualified and have high standards.

Clinical – Clinical Education is a term given to a set of specialized educational practices that are delivered in a clinical setting.  It’s not just private tutoring.

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