Literacy Care

Literacy Care is a private Special Education Consultancy. It provides specialized intervention and management exclusively for children (ages 6 -12) who learn differently.

Literacy Care operates within the wider service environment of the Child Development Network. This allows for a highly collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to managing developmental and learning problems and learning differences relative to literacy.

Literacy Care only implements scientific and evidence based literacy interventions which research shows can not only up-skill a child but can impact on the very neurological reason for their difficulty. Learning differences do not need to be ‘cured’ but they do need to be effectively managed and children with Dyslexia, and those with associated learning differences, cannot only survive but thrive.

Philosophy and Mission

We believe that literacy skills are a basic educational right rather than the exclusive property of a select few. Reading, writing and spelling are precious and indispensable commodities. Fundamental literacy skills remain a vital ingredient for life.

Our mission is to diagnose and manage learning differences using evidenced based programs and practices that are administered with professionalism and care.

Empowerment, Advocacy and Empathy

The notions of empowerment, advocacy and empathy have become common buzz words which unfortunately has reduced their effectiveness in many organizations. However, the fact is that they are vital practices to successful intervention.

Literacy Care is fully committed to these ideals in practical down to earth terms.

  • Empowerment for children and parents
  • Advocacy for the child with their school
  • Empathy for both parent and child throughout the entire period of intervention

These three concepts are bound up in the word “CARE”. The notion of “CARE” is the underpinning principle which supports all the activities and services of Literacy Care. So the ideals of empowerment, advocacy and empathy with a sense of care captures the spirit behind the services we provide.


Literacy Care’s core service is to work closely with children and parents to develop an individualized (customized) goal driven intervention that will directly address the child’s literacy challenges.

Children come to Literacy Care for recovery and development in the following areas:

  • Specific Learning Disabilities like Dyslexia and its Various Sub-types
  • Fluency Development
  • Whole Word and Functional Spelling Development
  • Communicative and Persuasive Writing Development
  • Essay Planning and Writing
  • Working Memory and Neuroplasticity Training
  • Comprehensive Phonological and Orthographic Processing Training

Literacy Care and The Child Development Network

The Literacy Care service is located within the Child Development Network. This means that when necessary the management provided for the child is the outcome of a highly collaborative process involving the other members of the Child Development team.

Who are We Helping?

The people who visit Literacy Care are generally between the ages of 6 and 12. Apart from providing documentation for QCS, QTAC and Disability Support Services we do not (as a general rule) see teenagers or adults.

The children we see experience different levels of difficulty and frustration when it comes to reading, writing, spelling and other literacy skills. Every person that makes contact with us is invited to meet with us individually to discuss their needs and goals. We usually ask that each child participate in an assessment process in order to establish the exact level of need and support required. We can then show them the step by step process necessary to repair their difficulties and to reach their goals.

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