Our logo is not just a drawing but has a delightful background story.

Terry Summers is a talented sculptor who specialises in producing marvellous works out of cardboard. When he learned that Literacy Care had joined the Child Development Network he created the man and boy sculpture that you see below and donated them to our service.

Some years later, a charming and talented mum of one of our children who passed through our service created the ‘Butterfly Maker’. Please read the lovely caption below that accompanies this incredibly thoughtful work of art. She gave the Butterfly Maker to Literacy Care as a token of thanks for helping her son to read.

Our logo represents an amalgamation of these two beautiful and important pieces of artwork that have come to mean so much to Literacy Care over the years. Many people told us that amalgamating the two art pieces could not be done successfully. However we found a very talented graphic artist named Paul Hodge who instantly understood what we wanted and worked tirelessly to bring the two pieces together into one united image.

Literacy Care Orange Logo RGB Hori

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