• Dr Jason McGowan
    Dr Jason McGowanDirector

    I have undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral qualifications in Education and Literacy and Learning Disability.

    In April 1998, after several years of teaching, I commenced the Educational Consultancy known as Literacy Care. The services of Literacy Care have been provided as part of the Child Development Network since 2003.

    As a clinical educator I can continue in my essential role as a teacher as well as enjoy the great privilege of operating within a multidisciplinary environment.

    I believe in and support the notion of multidisciplinary treatment for learning and developmental disorders. A highly collaborative and cooperative team, a well designed treatment plan with multiple participants and a common area of operations provides even the most challenged student with the greatest chance of success.

    My particular interest is in scientific evidence-based literacy interventions which research shows can not only skill a person but can impact on the very constitutional reason for the disability. Learning Disabilities may not be curable in the ‘neurological’ sense but they can be effectively managed so as children with such difficulties will not only survive but thrive.

    • Gail Northcote
      Gail NorthcoteSpecial Education and Literacy Consultant

      My teaching career started by completing undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in education while teaching at a high school level. After four years of teaching my passion to empower children struggling within the main stream system led me to further post graduate study in learning difficulties. To support those in need I added a qualification in counseling to supplement my undergraduate qualification in psychology. I have extensive experience working within special needs schools, main stream support and school readiness internationally.

      My ambition is to enable and empower children with learning difficulties who face an ongoing challenge to navigate the education system. I am passionate about advocating for those on the margins. I have published a book on Learning Options.

      Working with Literacy Care has given me the opportunity to work within a team to support children and their parents in accessing evidence-based literacy interventions so that they can better access the curriculum.

      • Andrea Read
        Andrea ReadSpecial Education and Literacy Consultant

        I have more than twenty years’ successful teaching experience in primary schools, fifteen years of which I have worked as a specialist literacy and numeracy support teacher. My qualifications include a Diploma of Teaching, Bachelor of Education and a Master of Education.

        During my teaching career I have taught all year levels in primary school and worked in both metropolitan and remote areas within Queensland, and also further afield in London and Japan. This diversity of teaching experience in age, socio-economic backgrounds and communities has enabled me to work with a greatly varied range of students but more importantly has allowed me to see that all students with disabilities or difficulties, regardless of their background, want and need to experience success.

        This has led to me becoming very passionate about assisting students in achieving their learning potential and in 2000 I obtained a Master of Education degree, specifically in the area of Learning Support and Inclusive Education. The basis of this degree requires a sound understanding of what is ‘best practice’ in the area of learning disabilities from research-based evidence, with a particular focus on literacy acquisition.

        My approach to working with children at the Child Development Network is one that combines empathy in addition to the implementation of research-based practices tailored to the needs of the child.

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