We’re Very New

The Literacy Foundation for Children has been recently established as a charity organisation.  The website is being developed and should be online sometime during September.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the charity is to raise funds to assist families with the financial cost of services for their children who experience difficulties in literacy due to learning disabilities.

The Foundation is a separate entity to Literacy Care and the committee members are volunteers and are in no way obligated to Literacy Care. Their sole function is to consider each application on its individual merits and to award financial assistance accordingly.

The amount of financial assistance awarded will be decided as a percentage of the total fee necessary to access the support service/s being applied for and converted to a commensurate dollar amount. Funds will be paid directly to the service provider/s. Any outstanding payment after the financial assistance has been awarded is paid by the applicant.


If financial assistance is awarded it will usually be between 10% and 75% of the total fee for services required.  Financial assistance is available for services that have been approved by the Literacy Care Foundation committee.  These services may include, but not necessarily be limited to:

  • Literacy Remediation
  • Psychology
  • Speech Pathology
  • Assistive Technology
  • Other Services as required

provided that such services will have a direct and positive impact the child’s learning and support literacy intervention.

Public Information Seminars

The Foundation is also passionate about providing information and support to families who are on a difficult journey with their child relative to their learning.  We aim to provide a number of seminars throughout the school year conducted by expert and qualified professionals in the areas of child development, behaviour and learning.  The professional speakers will come from the fields of paediatric medicine, neurospychology, and special education.  The subjects of interest for 2017 are:

  • Dyslexia and other learning disorders
  • Anxiety in school aged children
  • ASD and ADHD
  • Negotiating special consideration with your child’s school
  • Understanding modification and alternative curriculum options
  • Transitioning from primary school to high school
  • Transitioning from high school to TAFE or University
  • Access to a panel of professionals to answer difficult questions about child development

If you would like to find out more about these events please subscribe below.

How You Can Help?

We have set up a page with givenow.com.au where you can make ‘one-off’ or regular donations.  Attendance at our professional information events and other fundraisers will also contribute towards funds raised; information about these events will be posted below as details are finalised or you can subscribe to our email list for updates.  If you are able to volunteer your skills and/or time in helping in other ways we would be very happy to hear from you – please contact us.

Volunteers are currently sought for the following roles:

  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • Graphic Designer

Access Support

If you would like to access financial assistance then we invite you to consider the steps below:

Your part of the process…..

Step 1: Complete the application form and submit via email.

Our Part of the process…..

Step 2. The application is considered by the management committee of the Literacy Foundation for Children. The committee then decides if financial assistance will be awarded and how much.  Please allow up to 30 days for your application to be considered.

Step 3. The applicant will then be notified of the outcome via email.

If you need any help during this process please contact us:

Thank You to Sponsors!

We would like to thank the following schools for their generous donation offers which they have pledged in support the Foundation.  Professional Development seminars on Literacy and Learning Disabilities are being presented to staff of both schools in April & May:

  • Buranda State School (18 April) – $500
  • Samford State School (8 May) – $500

While these presentations are not open to the public, seminars and other events will be run later in the year which will be open to everybody. Details will posted on this page as they become available.

Presentation at Inauguration Meeting

Foundation Inauguration Meeting
presentation to members (by Dr Jason McGowan, 4 May 2017)

Success Stories (coming soon)

Everyone enjoys hearing good news, so we’d like to bring you some real stories about about how real lives have been changed because of the contributions you have made.  Please be patient while we wait on the people we’ve approached to share their journey.

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