5 Strategies for the Dyslexic Child

This 30 minute DVD shows an instructor working one-on-one with a child. It is useful for both parents and teachers who have some background in the teaching of reading, or who have also purchased the READCARE program.

After a brief introduction the following 5 strategies are rehearsed:

  • Sequential Repetition
  • 8 Step Cumulative Reading and Spelling Technique
  • 3SW: Say- Sound- Spell- Write
  • Tactile Elision Drill
  • Repeated Reading Strategy

5 More Strategies for Managing Dyslexia

This DVD follows on from the previous one by demonstrating the following additional five strategies:

  • Syllabification
  • Cumulative Spelling Drill for Vowel Clusters
  • OUGH Spelling Drill
  •  Vowel Cluster and W Controlled Vowel Table
  •  W Controlled Spelling Tree


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